Neighbourhood Watch

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Who to contact:

Beeches Neighbourhood Watch Co ordinator is Keith Handley:

Email: Phone: 01285 658450

What is it?

Essentially it concerns crime prevention, but just as importantly it involves neighbours working together as a community to make their area a safer place. This in turn instils a sense of security in the residents, knowing their homes and other properties are being cared for by their neighbours. This and an improved social contact are the hallmarks of a successful watch.

Say hello to your neighbour

Our modern way of life often means the strength of many communities have been weakened. People can lead isolated lives, living next door to people without getting to know them. Neighbourhood Watch can put an end to this by bringing people closer together, but in a way that does not intrude.

Improve the quality of life

Whatever the problem in your neighbourhood, you have the power to do something about it, but a lone voice can go unheard. Success can be achieved when several people act together as a group. That is where Neighbourhood Watch comes in because it provides a nationally recognised opportunity to act together to tackle local concerns.

Who runs it?

The Police do not organise Neighbourhood Watch. It is run by members of each Watch in the way they consider most appropriate for their community. The local Cotswold Division Neighbourhood Watch Field Officer will provide information packs and provide guidance once the co ordinator has set up their Watch (scheme).

What do we get out of it?

• A stronger community
• Share information about what is happening in your area
• Support neighbours acting together to prevent crime
• A reduction in the fear of crime
• A chance to improve the quality of life in your area

What does it cost?

Neighbourhood Watch is free to join. Currently Neighbourhood Watch road signs in the Cotswolds are provided and fitted free of charge.

Are there any financial benefits?

Hopefully, the reduction in crime in your area is the greatest benefit, but there is also an opportunity to get reductions on household insurance premiums.

How do I find out more about it?

Your Beeches Community Group Neighbourhood Watch Co ordinator is Keith Handley and can be contacted on:
Phone: 01285 658450

He will be able to explain all about Neighbourhood Watch and advise on any schemes in your locality or offer advice on how to start one.  Ideally the scheme co ordinator should have email facility.

All communications sent out as ‘ALERTS’ from Gloucestershire Police are emailed to the scheme co ordinators for them to distribute to their members by which ever method is appropriate.

More information can be found on WWW.OURWATCH.ORG.UK